December 9, 2012
"Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder"

Did not train last week because as soon as monday I got a terrible injury on a left hand nail. Guess what, a 30lb dumbbell fell right on it. Talk about pain and blood all over the place. So yeah, no weight training, bodyweight training or swimming for me for a week. And my injury isn’t even 100% recovered yet though I’m almost there. I think tomorrow when I wake up it will be good enough to workout. Maybe. I can only hope. It still hurts when I make a fist or fully open my hands and I don’t want to risk opening the wound again and then restart from zero. It sucks. 

But one week without training was enough to make me see once again that sweating through physical training is definitely the love of my life.

P.S.: Reading and writing, I love you a lot as well, don’t be jealous, okay?

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