December 19, 2012
Coldplay, Graffiti, Neon and Photosensitivity


Of course, being injured and unable to train isn’t being fucked up enough. Well, for me, at least. Recently I’ve put my hands on Coldplay’s Live 2012 DVD and I gotta say, one of the best purchases I did this year. Everything is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes during some moments. Charlie Brown proved once again to be my favorite song on Mylo Xyloto - It’s awesome to see/listen it live. Coldplay’s performance at Stade de France, Paris (which you can see in the DVD) made my cry. Other songs I like such as Viva La Vida, Hurts Like Heaven, Yellow, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Major Minus, Paradise etc were great too. Needless to say, Live 2012 is a must see if you like Coldplay even if you’re not that much of a hardcore fan.

…be careful if you have some kind of photosensitivity though. There’s a warning on the DVD box but I watched it anyway because fuck off and I started to feel some kind of dizzyness starting at a random point. When I was a teenager I had some seizures, did some medical examinations but never got the proof it was epilepsy (which is kind of normal because it’s VERY hard to diagnosis epilepsy precisely), though the doctor suspected it was. I took some medication as precaution, but still. All the flashing lights and colors triggered some sort of photosensitivity I never knew I had in the first place (but suspected). Sucked hard. Knowing that you can’t even watch a DVD of your favorite band like a normal person is a terrible feeling. Anyway, I still managed to watch the whole DVD. Take that!

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